The Ultimate Guide To Packing And Moving

Packing and moving can be really stressful, here is a guide which will help you with it and make this process as smooth as possible.

Start with a plan

Once you have decided that you want to shift, perhaps due to high rent or you want a better house then you need to start planning beforehand. Start researching on the house removals in Brisbane and spend a lot of time in finding one. Make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. Once this is done, start packing and take things that you really need. So if you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore or things you don’t need, try to get rid of them. If you are short on cash, you could have a sale which will help you make some cash otherwise you could give it to poor people or donate it to an orphanage.

Be more organized

Once you have got rid of the things you don’t need, start packing things which you will take to your new house. As moving is an expensive process it is important to save money wherever possible so try to get the cartons for free. You could check at your nearby grocery story and they might be able to help you with it. Try to use recycled cardboard boxes as they are cheaper and is also good for the environment. However, if you have hired well known removalists for packing session as well, then they will come prepared with necessary items such as carton boxes, tapes and scissors. Make sure that you have a ‘to do” list so every time you pack your items both essentials and non-essentials, you could put a tick on it. This will ensure that you don’t miss out anything and leave any item behind.

Give clear instructions

When booking for movers, you need to give them clear instructions. Be more specific on the areas you need help at as they offer different kinds of services. If you want help with packing and unpacking as well then you could opt for a complete package which is slightly expensive but does all the work without a sweat. You should also describe about your items for example if the furniture is heavy then it might require a lot of work in terms of dismantling and will also require more number of people to lift it. It would be best if you could ask one of them to come to your house and look around before the moving process. This will ensure that they give a proper estimated time frame as to when the work will be done.The above mentioned factors will make this whole process less stressful!

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